About Us

Kimberly Russell, Mother, daughter, wife & business woman; the mind and the muscle behind KR Innovations & Krnovations.com. Kimberly has turned her unique eye for design into a gift that she is sharing with the world. Very outgoing, outspoken, and all around ‘life of the party’. Kim has a gift for being a visionary designer, always improving and making her products better. As a specialist in Wedding design and a flair for artistic creations, Kim has done it All. From concept to the final design, Kim spawns a new and innovative way to make the ordinary…..extraordinary. 

The woman behind the name……….. Kimberly Hodge Russell and her brainchild KR Innovations!

We are a growing design company specializing in new and creative designer needs for the local and continental community. From small designer gift baskets to any idea imaginable, we are your GoTo company for a professional outcome & lasting impression. We will ship ANYWHERE a shipping company will allow world wide. We will fill any order specifications you may have ranging from our low-end and high-end. When it matters, you can ALWAYS count on KRInnovations for the highest quality products.

We put your ideas to work.
If you have a special request, or if you want us to put one of your ideas to work; please call.
Special request are not only welcome, but it’s what make us, US…
Any idea you have for that special occasion or loved one, we will put it to work for you.

Got Questions?
Not yet convinced, still have questions, or need a little more insight into exactly what we do, or what we can do for you, get in touch with us Mondays through Sunday 8am – 7pm.

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